Insurance Packages

We offer our customers two basic insurance packages: In both packages, we offer all benefits of our insurance package by Ergo Insurance, such as: 

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Theft, Fire
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • 24-hour Road Assistance
  • Legal Coverage 

* Tyres are not included in any of our insurance packages. Non-repairable/burst tires are not covered by the insurance. If the tire is repairable the customer may repair it.

The difference between the two packages is the payment of the excess. The excess we offer is 500€. 

When an accident occurs, the renter who selected the basic insurance package (without any charge), pays up to 500€. 

In the complete insurance package, the renter pays nothing! Bluecarental will cover the excess.

You can select both our insurance packages, during the reservation process.

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