Insurance Protections

Third Party Insurance:

For any damage, you make to other persons, animals or property. It covers damages to property up to 1.220.000 € and to people up to 1.220.000 € (excluding passengers of the rental vehicle).

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI):

It protects both the driver and all the passengers for the duration of the rental in the case of a collision.

Fire insurance:

Partial or total damage to the vehicle resulting from the fire.

Theft waiver insurance:

Theft Insurance covers the stolen car; not your stolen personal belongings.

Interior of the car:

Destroying the interior of the car is not covered by any Insurance. Any damage will be covered by the renter.

Damages except for accidents:

When the car is driven on rocks, off-road, on beaches in the sand, water, all damages are covered by the renter. 

Windows insurance:

The insurance covers all the damages for all the windows of the car.

24 hour all road insurance:

Our insurance covers all road assistance everywhere in Crete. 

Legal coverage:

Our insurance covers the cost of a lawyer in case there is a problem with the accident. 

Coverage from uninsured:

The insurance will cover the accident cost in case the car will be damaged from a car which is uninsured. 

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