Rental terms

The minimum age for Groups is 23 years old. The driver must have a valid driving license for 3 years

Cancellations made 3 days before your arrival date, no fees will be charged. If you don't show up 100% of your booking value will be charged.

After pick-up of the car, any cancellation or change from the initial time schedule is not refunded.

Last-minute reservation payments cannot be refunded.

The vehicle will be delivered with an exact amount of fuel. The return of the car must be with the same amount of fuel. Otherwise, surcharges will be applied based on the current market price.

During your reservation process, you book a specific car category, not a specific car. We are doing our best to offer the reserved car selected. 

Our Category Analysis:

Group A: Hyundai i10 or Toyota Aygo or KIA Picanto or similar. 

Group A1: Citroen C1 Cabrio. 

Group B: Toyota Yaris or Hyundai i20 or VW Polo or KIA Rio  

Group B Auto: Hyundai i20 Automatic or Toyota Yaris Hybrid or KIA Rio Automatic

Group D1: KIA Stonic Manual

Group D1a auto: KIA Stonic or Dacia Sandero

Group D2: VW T-cross or Peugeot 2008 

Group D3: VW Taigo Manual 

Group D3a Auto: VW Taigo Auto 

Group D4: Dacia Duster Manual 

Group D4a: Dacia Duster Auto 

Group E: Toyota Corolla

For more information please contact us.

Our Airport guide for better service:


  • You can find our parking using Google Maps App, " ". It is two minutes walk from the arrivals area.
  • If you have any delay with luggage or any other issues please call us or contact us at our email. 
  • You can call us at +302810540400 or +306941607607.

A video guide to our parking at Heraklion Airport:

Don't forget to have your driving license and passport with you.

In case something goes wrong please contact us.

We accept payments with Visa and Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Masterpass, PayPal, and bank deposits.

Bank Account Details:
Alpha Bank
IBAN: GR9701406670667002320003393

When a customer chooses Payment upon arrival must choose one of the following options:

1. Deposit 20% of the total renting amount to the following bank account:

Bank Details: Automin SA, Alpha Bank, IBAN: GR 97 0140 6670 6670 0232 0003 393, SWIFT BIC GRBAGRAAXX

Do not forget to put the name of your reservation in the description of your bank deposit. 

2. Follow the link below:

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or Paypal.

Please have your reservation number which is in your reservation confirmation email with you.

All payments with credit card are processed through the electronic payment platform "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

If the car key is lost, you will be charged with the cost of a new key. The key is issued directly by the official dealership of the brand; the price depends on the brand and the type of car. The minimum cost will be 250 euros. 

Additional costs may be applied, delivering the extra key to you!

Animals or pets are not allowed inside our cars. You can put them in the car only if you use a protected specific box, like those, which are used in airplanes. We have to respect people with allergies and also protect the hygiene of our cars. 

Damage from pets or animals inside the car must be paid. No insurance package includes that. The cost depends on the damage made. Customers also must pay for the cleaning of hair on the seats, which costs 50 €. 

For any other issue, please contact us.

We offer our customers two basic insurance packages: In both packages, we offer all benefits of our insurance package by Ergo Insurance, such as: 

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Theft, Fire
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • 24-hour Road Assistance
  • Legal Coverage 

* Tyres are not included in any of our insurance packages. Non-repairable/burst tires are not covered by the insurance. If the tire is repairable the customer may repair it.

The difference between the two packages is the payment of the excess. The excess we offer is 500€. 

When an accident occurs, the renter who selected the basic insurance package (without any charge), pays up to 500€. 

In the complete insurance package, the renter pays nothing! Bluecarental will cover the excess.

You can select both our insurance packages, during the reservation process.

The vehicle can be delivered to any port, airport or main city of Crete. Transportation outside of Crete Island, in-between the islands and the mainland is not allowed.

Smoking is not allowed inside any of our cars. 

For reservations between 22.30 till 07:00 there will be a late-night delivery fee. The total charge is 25 Euros. 

To rent a car from us you don't need any credit card guarantee. We don't reserve any amount to your credit card, we don't want any amount as a guarantee. You just pay the rental amount. We don't need any deposit! 

 You can pay with 

  • Debit card 
  • Credit card 
  • Paypal
  • Cash


The term "Or similar" indicates that the vehicle you rent may not be the exact make and model as the vehicle displayed, although it will be from the same group, meaning, that it will comparable,  in size and performance to that vehicle. 

The actual vehicle you rent will depend on the makes and models available at the time the car group you request. 

If we are unable to provide a vehicle in your requested car group, we will upgrade your rental car from the next available car group at no extra charge. 

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