Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our user-friendly main menu to initiate your booking process. Select your preferred dates and hours, browse through our diverse range of cars, and complete the reservation by providing your personal information. Enjoy the convenience of booking with us - no credit card is required, as we do not charge any amount to your credit card.

You don't need a credit or debit card to rent from us, as we don't reserve any amount. You pay the rental amount.


When you book a car, you have to choose the place you want the car to be delivered to you. 

Heraklion Airport:

You can find our parking using Google Maps App, " ". It is two minutes walk from the arrivals area. If you have any delay with luggage or any other issues please call us or contact us at our email. You can call us at +302810540400 or +306941607607.  Don't forget to have your driving license and passport with you. In case something goes wrong please contact us.

Chania Airport:

When you arrive one of our employees will wait for you to meet at the arrivals area. 

Heraklion Port:

One of our employees will wait for you outside the ship. Please have your mobile phone switched on so we can contact you. In case you cannot find each other, please go to the passengers' station which is the building opposite your ship. Please wait outside and we will come for you. Our employees will have a sign from our company. In case something goes wrong contact us. 

Any Hotel around Heraklion:

On the day you chose the collection of the car, one of our employees will wait for you outside the chosen hotel to deliver the car. Don't forget your driving license and passport.

We can deliver the car to you at the hotel you are staying at around Heraklion City, Please choose from the list of pick-up and drop-off locations at Heraklion City Hotel. In the comments box write down the Hotel name. 

In case you want the car to be delivered outside Heraklion City, please send us an email or use the chatting box at the right corner. 

For reservations made between 22:30 and 07:00, we recognize the importance of catering to your travel requirements around the clock. However, please note that to uphold our exceptional service standards during late-night periods, a nominal late-night delivery fee of 25 Euros will be applicable. This fee ensures that our dedicated team remains available to promptly and efficiently assist you, regardless of the hour. Rest assured, our steadfast commitment to delivering seamless service remains unwavering, enabling you to plan your journey with confidence and convenience, even during late-night hours

The renter must hold a valid European Driving License or an International Driving Permit, issued at least three calendar years prior to rental date. All drivers (including any additional drivers) must hold a “valid” driver’s license as well.

Cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited within all of our vehicles for the comfort and well-being of our passengers. We prioritize a clean and healthy environment for everyone onboard, ensuring a pleasant journey without any exposure to smoke or its associated odors. Please note that reserves the right to charge cleaning fees of up to 150 euros in case of violation of this policy. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain our commitment to excellence in service.

The renter of the vehicle is solely responsible for any traffic offenses, fines, and related administration fees incurred during their rental period. They must inform our representative at +306941607607 when receiving the ticket.

Yes, but the additional driver must be declared on the rental contract with an additional daily charge to be paid locally. The second driver must also provide his/her valid driving license and ID prior to the rental date. This can be done at any Bluecarrental location throughout the rental period.

There are two options

1: "Full to Empty" prepay the fuel, the different amount depending on the category, and that's it! You can return the car without looking for a gas station.

2: "Same to same" you should return the vehicle with fuel as much as when you received it. If the fuel is less you will have to pay the difference and you will be charged a refueling fee.

Extensions can be requested by calling our Contact Centre at +306941607607

If you return the car earlier than your initial reservation booking, no amount can be returned. Please inform as soon as possible to arrange the return at +306941607607

During high season and high demand periods, it is very difficult to provide you the specific car that you booked. We are trying to provide the one you booked, but this is sometimes impossible due to delays in returns and different drop-off points. What we can assure you you will get a car of the same category you booked. 

We provide you here the lists of our cars:

Group A: Hyundai i10 or Toyota Aygo or KIA Picanto or similar. 

Group A1: Citroen C1 Cabrio. 

Group B: Toyota Yaris or Hyundai i20 or VW Polo or KIA Rio  

Group B1: Ford Fiesta diesel. 

Group B2: Hyundai i20 Automatic or Toyota Yaris Hybrid or KIA Rio Automatic

Group D: Citroen C4 Diesel. 

Group D1: Citroen C4 Cactus.

Group D2: KIA Stonic 

Group D3: VW T-cross or Peugeot 2008 

Group D2a KIa Stonic Auto

Group E: Toyota Corolla

Driving a car on a non-asphalt road is considered a violation of our rental terms. Any costs or damages that occurred in these places are charged to the customer. Transportation costs, parts, and labor costs. We also have the right to take the car from you without any compensation or return of the rental amount. 

The term "Or similar" indicates that the vehicle you rent may not be the exact make and model as the vehicle displayed, although it will be from the same group, meaning, that it will comparable,  in size and performance to that vehicle. 

The actual vehicle you rent will depend on the makes and models available at the time the car group you request. 

If we are unable to provide a vehicle in your requested car group, we will upgrade your rental car from the next available car group at no extra charge. 

When an accident occurs, the renter who selected the basic insurance package (without any charge), pays up to 500€. 

In the complete insurance package, the renter pays nothing! Bluecarental will cover the excess.

You can select both our insurance packages, during the reservation process.

We don't take any deposits on your card. We don't reserve any amount to your card 

Of course! 

We can deliver our cars to those places. You can select the destination from the scroll bar on the first page of our website. 

As our base is in Heraklion Airport, we charge for any other destination. 

Charges for destinations:

Chania Airport: 40 euros
Heraklion Port: 15 euros 
Hotel around Heraklion: 35 euros. 

These costs are applied for both pick-up and delivery. 

If you need any further help please contact us or use the chat box on our website.